About us

Reduce global poverty through the upcycled product "TOKYO"

TOKYO8 GLOBAL was established by our parent company, Taiyo Yuka Co. Since its establishment in 1963, we have been committed to resource recycling and upcycling. All of our businesses, based on the clear vision of our founder, have been working toward each of the SDGs goals even before the SDGs were proposed, We have become one of the leading companies that respond to the demands of society with cutting-edge technology. Our new product in the upcycling field, ""TOKYO8,"" is one example of our commitment to the SDGs,
This time, our new product in the upcycling field, ""TOKYO8,"" will take on the challenge of eradicating poverty (No Poverty), SDG 1, which is a global concern.


TOKYO8's Impact

TOKYO8 brings noticeable productivity gains to small farmers. Farmers who have been self-sufficient in their small fields will now be able to increase harvest to sell with the same planting land area. Our goal is to make TOKYO8 affordable and accessible to small farmers in developing countries, by setting up production plants using a franchise model. In the future, we will also expand to micro-franchises to include distributors who will disseminate locally reproduced TOKYO8 at a low cost. Through this franchise structure which will be set up in villages, we hope to creates new jobs while promoting and distributing TOKYO8. Overall, we hope our product will boost agricultural productivity, job creation, and contribute to poverty eradication. TOKYO8 is so far proving to be versatile with positive results in various contexts, whether soil or hydroponic, vegetable, cereal, or fruits.

Company Overview

Company Profile
Official name TOKYO8 GLOBAL Co., LTD
Date of establishment 14/02/2022
Capital 3 million yen
Headquarter location 〒175-0091
Tokyo Itabashi-ku,Misono 2-12-2
TEL 03-3938-0052
FAX 03-3938-0078
Management team CEO Taihei Ishida
Directive manager Yohei Ishida
Directive manager Akira Tsuchiya
Board member Nobuhiko Matsumomoto
Business content Sales and export of organic fertilizers
Operation of franchise chain systems and consulting services
Management consulting business including agricultural support
Education business for human resource development
Affiliate companies Taiyo Yuka Co., Ltd
Matsumoto Electric Co., Ltd.
Sanko Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Solterra Farm Co., Ltd.
Sakamoto Iron Works Construction Co., Ltd
Bank Resona Merchant Bank , Narimasu Branch



〒175-0091 Tokyo , Itabashi- ku, Misono 2-12-2