It’s a wrap! Tokyo8’s Global Influence Grew with Summer Internship Program

As the summer sunsets, Tokyo8 bid farewell to yet another batch of bright young minds who left an indelible mark on our journey. Our short-term summer internship program has ended, leaving us with 5 new footprints across the globe. This year, we had the privilege of hosting talented interns from Japanese universities, representing five diverse and vibrant nations: Ghana, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, and Madagascar.

These interns weren’t just here to learn about Tokyo8; they became Tokyo8 ambassadors in their home countries, spreading the word about our mission and vision. Some of them were even poised to take their newfound knowledge and start their own Tokyo8 production business in their countries. During their time with us, they were immersed in the heart of Tokyo8 production, witnessing the meticulous tests and analyses conducted to ensure its safety and quality. They also had the opportunity to use Tokyo8 at our Solterra farms. This hands-on experience gave them a deeper understanding of the role Tokyo8 plays in sustainable agriculture and food security.

A Global Perspective
Our interns didn’t only contribute their unique perspectives but also gained a global outlook during their time with us. They learnt from each other’s experience and shared knowledge through interactions. Every intern shared with the team about their countries of origin, culture, and the general society. They also learnt about working business models in other countries, and saw Tokyo8 beyond their country and Japan. They learnt of our global vision in line with the global goals, and together, we brainstormed the best ways of making sure that their communities had the most benefit from and through Tokyo8. 

Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneursh
The internship program was about more than just observation; it was about active participation. Our interns engaged in thought-provoking discussions, collaborated with our team and other businesses through expositions, and they developed innovative business models tailored to the needs of their home countries. These discussions opened up new avenues for the sustainable development and use of Tokyo8, ensuring growth to its positive impact  worldwide. 
Through a short trip to the Organic Lifestyle Expo (Tokyo, 2023), the interns were able to visualize possibilities that can be ventured with Tokyo8 as it will foster transitioning to organic farming.


One of the most valuable aspects of the program was the opportunity for our interns to interact with experts from various fields, and businesses. Internally, the team was a diverse mix of professionals, each contributing their expertise to different facets of Tokyo8 production. Our interns benefited greatly from these interactions, gaining insights into agriculture, technology, and business development. They also met business veterans that are in partnership with Tokyo8 to gain further insight.