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Hello, World!

This is our next step in going global. We are looking forward to supporting farmers all over the world.

How exactly? Let me introduce you to Tokyo8. It is a biofertilizer made of microorganisms. Revitalizing the soil functions drastically improves the yield of numerous crops. And it works for a lot of different environments too!
A simple bottle, safe and easy to use, you just have to mix some of it with water and spray it. No smell or special protection is needed. No complicated machine or formulation.

Even though our product has been existing for several years, we only started our operation abroad recently, in the summer of 2021. This is not an easy task in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic but we believe firmly in supporting small-scale farmers with our franchise system. We have to face the reality, it is really hard for small-scale farmers to be profitable. It hurts even more when you think that in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is one of the most common occupations (with around 60~80% of farmers according to the country). Most of them cannot afford pesticides, fertilizers, and machinery.

Farmers using Tokyo8 were able to reduce drastically their use of fertilizers and pesticides, up to an 80% reduction for some! The best part of it is that they were still able to have a higher yield as usual with better quality vegetables that were sold at a higher price. But is Tokyo8 cheap?

The answer is yes. Our plan through our franchise system is to produce Tokyo8 locally. With only exporting Tokyo8, the price would be too high. But with local production, Tokyo8 would be at a price that anybody can afford.
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More information is on the way!