Tokyo 8 at Agri Week: Wednesday 10th – Friday 14th October, 2022

This year, Taiyo-yuka had a chance to showcase Tokyo8, alongside 449 other companies that exhibited their products at the Nogyo Week or Agri Week. Pretty much, nōgyō (pronounced “Nougyou”) is a Japanese word for Agriculture. So, nōgyō week is simply Agriculture Week. Precisely, it is an Agri-expo week, which brings together many companies that have products related to agriculture, ranging from inputs to outputs, and advanced agri-tech. The nōgyō week started on Monday the 10th, but exhibitions began on the 12th.

The exhibition took place at Makuhari Messe from 10 am, till 6 pm on all three days. Our booth was set up in a customer-friendly manner, to make sure that people had the chance to appreciate what we do and take a look at our samples, as well as experimental plants. Even though we did not record the number of visitors daily, we had an average visit of 240 people per day. ​

Every staff member took time to passionately explain to the visitors, who are potential clients, the mechanism behind Tokyo8, and our business plans. Throughout the three days of the exhibition, the company staff (including company managers and interns) had a chance to be present for at least one day and experience the exhibition atmosphere. Even though the expectation was a Japanese-based audience, we had visitors from many countries who spoke different languages! It was quite interesting to have our product gain interest amongst different people, who would be potential clients and/or bridges to clients for different countries and regions. 

Overall, the exhibition was a huge success. We exchanged contacts with over seven hundred (700) people throughout the week and gave out free Tokyo8 samples to some who had an interest in trying Tokyo8. Many more received the booklets on Tokyo8 and Taiyo-Yuka (we hope they find time to read them and reach out to us soon!). As a plus, we also gave out CHOCOLATE to people who took the time to hear from us! Yes, a chocolate pack from an Indonesian company, Krakakoa.  This special chocolate pack reaches beyond your taste buds and finds a restful place in your memory. Each pack had six different chocolate flavors. 

Here’s a little bit about Krakakoa:
Krakakoa believes that farmers in Indonesia should realize full profit in the labor they put in their farms, whilst protecting the environment from which they grow their cocoa. In the company’s business, they support youth and women empowerment, and enrich the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, through processing cocoa for economic growth. Taiyo-Yuka hopes to work with them soon at the intercept of our separate missions and goals.